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Simple Landing Pages

I’m about to sign up for Instapage because I need to set up a landing page for a project outside of Bubble.

I know that technically I could do this in Bubble, but I don’t want to use one of the apps on my plan for a simple landing page. I don’t need the full functionality of an app with the backend database either. Yet, I’d rather use Bubble’s editor to build this.

Maybe Bubble should consider adding single page templates outside of the traditional app limits. It would be a simple way to publish very minimal pages/ websites, without the full backend database - similar to Instapage, Github pages, etc.

Simple pages could also serve as another source of revenue for Bubble. Just a thought.

I may be wrong, but, couldn’t you just make your “home page” your landing page that your web address points to and then build out from there?

This way, you can have your basic landing page front and center and actions tied to buttons access your application.

( up)- sign up page
( dashboard page.

…unless I am misunderstanding…which is possible. :grinning:

You could. What I’m talking about is for projects outside of Bubble. My current use case is an ecommerce project hosted elsewhere.