Language translation in bubble website

Hello bubblers!!!
Has anybody integrated translations into a bubble website. If yes, how did you solve the problem?
I want to integrate translation on a project I’m working on.

Hi! Are you referring to translating the entirety of the site (i.e., providing localization options for users in different areas) or providing a translation feature where the user can input a text and receive back a translation in the language of their choice.

If the latter, there are several plugins that can help, or you can connect to a third party plugin service using the API connector. I have done this for both DeepL and Google Translate, and the process is pretty similar to other APIs. (let me know if you need help though)

On the other hand, if you mean to translate the whole site, I would search for the term localization and see what other people have come up with, because doing the translations ad hoc each time a user visits the site could result in a large number of API requests, increasing your workflow usage, as well as simply being a lot to manage.

I’m looking to translate the whole site when a user clicks a button

Thanks… I will go through it

Is it possible to translate text coming from an input using App text?

Hi Ryan. I am looking to add a translate feature where users can translate messages in a chat. Any resources to help? Thanks!

Hi! The easiest bet is probably using one of the plugins for Google translate if you dont want to set up your own API requests. You will need a google cloud services account and key from them.

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