Updating database in bubble

Hi everyone,

I’ve been looking for a solution online, but couldn’t really find what I was looking for.

I am looking at ways to update my database in bubble regularly (every week). I tried building my database in Airtable, where it’s possible to upload csv file in a table and ask airtable to update existing entries based on a single column, and to add new entries.

The problem with airtable is that it makes my app in bubble extremely slow. Is there a way to upload new data and update existing entries, in bubble.io?

I know there could be a way to use airtable and zapier, to automate the update, but given the number of data I will have, it will start costing a lot using zapier.

Many thanks in advance for your help! Let me know if there is anything unclear.

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Bubble can handle way beyond 50k entries which is what AT tops at.

Bring in your dB into Bubble it should be more performant.

Csv upload, backend workflows on AT lists to clone those entries into Bubble are some of the ways you can do this.

Thanks for the quick response @cmarchan

I have moved everything to Bubble indeed, much faster. My problem is more about to update the entries in the Bubble app.

Every week, I will scrape some data and would want to upload that new data into bubble, making sure I do not duplicate entries. Some of the entries will need to be updated with the upload, other will be created (if they are completely new).

The challenge I’m facing is more around updating the data in bubble, without creating duplicate, or without having to delete the entire database and re-upload a new, updated one.

Thanks again! Not sure if you have any ideas regarding my pb.

Every entry in Bubble has a unique ID that is used to find it

Or … you can set a text field as an ID field and also find dB entries to avoid duplication or to find and update entries

@cmarchan , yes, this I know. Maybe I missed the feature, but how do you upload a csv file to your database and choosing the unique_id to update existing entries?

Here is an example:
Screenshot 2021-04-20 at 12.22.23

In this example, I want line 2 to be updated for the new information and I want line 4 and 5 to be added to the bubble database because they are new entries.


There is no automatic function like the one you describe.

My comment was about building logic to locate and update entries in the app.

Backend flows can be built to locate/create/update and can be scheduled on themselves … and you can send lists to them.

@cmarchan ok. So essentially, you suggest I should build my own back-end updating system. Have you done it before by any chance? So you know if it can process a file of 10,000 entries quickly?

Many thanks for your time!


Yes > on building your own backend updating system
Yes > I have built backend flows of different types. This one would be another one of the sorts.
It depends > 10k entries on how light or heavy they are. Point here is … Bubble’s backend will get it done. A recursive flow will ensure that each of the entries be handled well and individually.


Always interested on this can be done exactly. Any step by step guide on this?