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I have been working on an update version of my bubble app for 4 month and I’m ready to go into production. The new version has a lot of changed field names and added fields to data types. I have tested the app exetensively and everything works in my dev (the old part of the app and the new part). However I’m a bit worried about the database content. When going into production, can I fully roll back to the moment before? I think in regards to the application that’s the version 4 month ago. But what about the data? Can I back it up? Roll back the old database schema? What about the data inside.



When you push an update from dev to prod it sends all new changes but database content.

It will create the new data types/fields but not the data content.

If you have any data in prod they will not be affected, or deleted.


You should be fine to push. But as @yusaney1 said, your old database model will not conform to your new database model. Therefore, you should intentionally plan for how to fill those gaps as part of your push process.

Bubble offers some pretty helpful data transformation tools via the “Bulk” and “Modify” features on the data tab.

For the sake of it, I recommend exporting all of your data as it exists in the live version of your app and storing in a secure place. (I’ve never had a data loss caused by pushing, but it’s good to have a backup in case an unforeseen issue occurs. Issues are more likely to occur during a data transformation).

So a changed field name (from for example field1 to old_field1) keeps it consistency throughout the application exactly the same way when renaming the field in dev?

Yes, if you have in the db new fields, when you push the update, those fields will be added to the live database structure but not the field content.

The content will be empty (you can send content from dev to live but thats another history).

If you rename a field / db and push the update, that field/db will be modified in the live also, if there’s content on that modified field, will remain in the new modified name field.

If you delete a field/db that also will delete after pushing the update to live including the data content.

Hope this clarify your doubts.
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Hi All,

Thanks all! Update to production worked flawless.

To test any large upgrade the following was very helpfull for me (at laeast for my nerves :-D):

You can copy your entire app including data to a new app, test EVERYTHING including your migration in that backup app.

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