Things created before deploying to live

Hey, I just deployed to live and I’ve noticed that things (data type entries) that I created before, are not in the live version. So the question is; is there a way to import all these things quickly to the live database? Thanks.

Hi there, @rainskiv… look for the red Copy and restore database link on the App data tab… that’s what you need here.


Thank you but unfortunately my live database does not change, do you an idea why could it be?

Copy from development to live, type the confirmation text and it will work.

Yup, what George said. If you actually clicked the button to copy from development to live, selected a single data type or all data types, and confirmed that you want to do the copy, then no, I have no idea why it wouldn’t have worked.

Alright, I guess that I’ll just report it. Thank you!

or try refreshing your bubble app
Also after you have copied the dev database to the live database, make sure to “deploy to live.”

FYI, that isn’t necessary when using the copy database feature.

I’ll try later again, thanks!