Merging Specific Dev-to-Live Data

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I have a data-driven app, where I upload data-types with several thousand items per type. Users subscribe to items they want.

On our end, we will be modifying/adding data over time, as well as features.

So - how do we add features and data to the test app but ‘push it’ to the live version when it is ready, preserving the old ‘live’ data but permitting the modified/new data?

Is there anything Bubble would be willing to do on its end? Namely, is it possible for you guys to create an option to publish/push ONLY CERTAIN DATATYPES (from test to live database)? That would be a HUGE help. Alternatively, if I reach out to you, could you ‘block’ overwrites of my live user data-types (which I would specify in advance) so that each time I published/pushed my new test app, certain datatypes would not be overwritten while others would? In theory, this could work well.

If anyone has any ideas here I’d appreciate the chance to discuss them.

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That something we can’t do right now, as the app can’t be updated in smaller parts. Why is in this an issue though? If you create a new type and push to live, you can upload data, no? Not sure I see the issue.

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I have just pushed a live version for the first time.

The data is gone of course, but what is the best practice to switch the data over?

Do we just overwrite it which clears the other database?

What if we continue to develop on the development side? How are those changes ‘synced’ with the live version without a complete overwrite?

If the application is active and being used, and we make changes, we need to preserve the active users and changes to data etc.

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I’ll add my opinion.

I work with enterprise systems and this is something that we have to do fairly regularly. The software that I work on used to function like Bubble does now. You had one tool/process for moving the application code and another tool/process for moving the data. Luckily, we now have a tool that allows us to package both code and data together. Hopefully Bubble will mature in this process in the future also.

1. When moving from DEV to PROD (i.e. live – I’m not used to calling it Live)

It’s OK to push all of the application code, but typically it’s never OK to push, or overwrite, all of the data. There are a few fringe reasons that you may push all of the data, but let’s not talk about those to keep this simple.

If you need to move data after the initial go live, then you need to either manually input it, or use a tool to migrate it. Fortunately, it looks like Bubble has recently added a feature that allows you to export and then import data.

You can find the buttons (“Export” and “Upload”) on the Data > App Data tab on the top right of the table.

So this should make it easy to export from DEV and then switch to Live and upload the data.

2. When moving from PROD to DEV (i.e. live)

Since Bubble pushes all application code, and because the structure of the system may be different from the systems I work on, this may not be completely relevant. Typically over time you may build stuff in DEV that, for one reason or another, doesn’t get migrated to PROD. This happens a lot in the systems I work with, so usually, about once a quarter, we backup any development work we don’t want to lose in DEV and then perform a database refresh (move PROD database, and code, to DEV) completely overwriting everything in DEV. This allows us to re-sync the environments overtime and clean up anything in DEV that wasn’t really needed.


Interesting view. Very informative.

So to clarify, there is nothing by way of a plugin or other method to auto sync (or sync in general) the live dev with production DB?

The only option seems to be exporting a list of all my 'things" and importing it into the live database? I get a “read-only” in the corner.

Does that not mean that this import is impossible?

Just checking if there is some update on this - how should I sync data between live and development environments?

I have a 1 THING which has to have data preset. I downloaded that from DEV. Upload to PROD says completed successfully, but there is no data in that THING. There is no error message from Bubble either.

What do i need to do?