Last Thing Per User in Repeating Group

I have a repeating group displaying a list of Things called Reports. I would like to display them all but only display the latest report a user has created.

For example: If John has created 3 Reports. Report 1 created on Jan 1 2021, Report 2 on Jan 5 2021, and Report 3 on Jan 9 2021.

I would like my repeating group of reports to only display John’s Report 3 created in Jan 9 2021.

Is this something that can be done within Bubble?

Why are you using a repeating group if you don’t want a list of reports? Create a group, then:

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I do want a list of reports but I want to limit the repeating group to only 1 report per user. I would like all reports to be listed in the repeating group but I only want to list 1 report per user (the latest report for that user) and I want to exclude all other reports from that user except for the latest one created.

Yeah, what @a.negron is trying to do, @martin.bedard, is take a list of Users and get a list of the last value of some subfield of User. (A list of lists where each sub-list is processed in some way. This is not possible in vanilla Bubble due to limitations/weirdnesses of the Bubble expression builder. You need plugins to work around this. This is similar to getting the :count of some list subfield of a Thing in vanilla Bubble. The list collapses at this point and turns into a scalar (singular) value before you desire it to,)


Thanks for your help @martin.bedard and @keith . I had started to go down the route of listing users instead of Reports. Thanks for letting me know this can’t be done before getting in too deep into this problem.