Reporting options - transforming data help

HI all,

Having spent hours looking around for solutions to aggregating data so that it can be reported on, but nothing seems available. It seems so damn hard to get data out of Bubble! :sob:

Has anyone discovered a solution to this, maybe I am missing something.

Lets take this basic example

A Type with two fields: ‘User’ and ‘Clothing’


Bill | Shirt
Bill | Pants
Bill | Shirt
Bob | Pants
Bob | Shirt
Bob | Pants
Bob | Pants 

What I need is repeating list so:

Shirts | 3
Pants | 4

So group by and count, but I know group by is not available.

Suggestions most welcome!! Maybe I have been staring at it too long and there is a simple solution (me being hopeful!)

Found a solution for a repeating group:

  1. Set repeating group source to search for unique elements in a table (type of content “text”)
  2. Set a text field in the repeating group to the “Cells text”
  3. Set another text field in the repeating group “Search for xyz:count” - on this search set the constraint to" xyx = current cells text"

Takes a little while to render but it works for the above example.


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