[LAUNCH] Bubble Essential Kit v2.0 - Your #1 Bubble companion

Hey guys,

We have just reached 7.000 Bubblers using Bubble Essential Kit v1:

And now I’m excited to announce the launch of Bubble Essential Kit v2.0.

Bubble Essential Kit is a free chrome extension (with paid features) featuring hundreds of components and tools to improve your experience building beautiful Bubble apps.

Even though there are already 7.000+ Bubblers using Bubble Essential Kit, it’s possible that many of you still haven’t met BEK, so I’ll share with you Bubble Essential Kit’s main features:

Bubble Essential Kit Component Library


Copy and paste 350+ beautiful, pre-styled and fully responsive buttons, alerts, repeating groups, tables, cards, popups, inputs, dropdowns, radio buttons, and much more.

All components are based on Bootstrap, the #1 framework for designing responsive websites and applications.
So you can paste any components and they will all fit together, as they share the same visual identity.

You will never struggle with Bubble’s design and responsive engine again.

Some components from Bubble Essential Kit:




Full Dashboard Layouts

Bubble Essential Kit features not only atomic components, but also full layouts and blocks (headers, menus and content).
You can build fully responsive beautiful dashboards in seconds.

Landing Page Blocks


Yes, you can build beautiful Landing Pages on Bubble.
I know, you probably use Wordpress or other site builders because Bubble lacks what it takes to build a nice looking landing page, right?

Well, that’s before you met Bubble Essential Kit.

Bubble Essential Kit has all the components you need to build a high conversion beautiful landing page.


Color Palette (free)

Bubble Essential Kit has all the main colors used in Bootstrap: just get it and paste it into your Bubble component properties.

Using this palette, it’s impossible to build an ugly component in Bubble.

Form Builder (free - new feature)


With the Form Builder, you simply select the number of fields, choose the type and name of each field, and it will generate the finished form.
Just click on Paste and you will have your form ready in seconds.

Private Component Libraries (new feature)

In addition to the Bubble Essential Kit’s hundreds of components, you can also upload your own components and share with your team.

If you use the same components, colors and workflows in different applications, you can create your own library and share it with whoever you want.

This feature is fantastic for freelance developers and development agencies who want to speed up their creation and reuse their visual identities.


How to use Bubble Essential Kit

Download the free Chrome Extension here:

Here’s our full documentation on how to use Bubble Essential Kit’s main features, and our entire component catalogue:
Bubble Essential Kit | Documentation | #1 Bubble.io Component Library

How much does it cost? Is there a free plan?

Yes, there’s a free and a paid plan:

  • Free
    – I highly recommending using Bubble Essential Kit at least in Free Plan, as the Color Palette and Form Builder tools alone will save you hundreds of hours in design.
    :white_check_mark: Color Palette
    :white_check_mark: Form Builder
    :white_check_mark: Free components
    :x: PRO components
    :x: SaaS & Landing Page Blocks
    :x: Private Component Library

  • Pro (U$15/month or U$97/year)
    – PRO subscribers have access to all BEK features.
    :white_check_mark: Color Palette
    :white_check_mark: Form Builder
    :white_check_mark: Free components
    :white_check_mark: PRO components
    :white_check_mark: SaaS & Landing Page Blocks
    :white_check_mark: Private Component Library

What if I cancel my subscription, do I lose my components?

Never. Bubble Essential Kit generates a code that, once you paste it into Bubble, becomes a regular component of Bubble.
Once you’ve pasted it, the component will stay in your app forever.

Are the components ready for the new Bubble Responsive Engine?

Yes, 100% of the components are designed on the new Bubble Responsive Engine. Actually, Bubble Essential Kit was built after the new responsive engine was launched.

Got suggestions, questions or bugs to report?

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please avoid posting them here on the forum, it is much more difficult to conduct a one-on-one conversation here.
Please contact us by email hello@essentialkit.io and we will be happy to help :slight_smile:


We just published a new component:

Dynamic Gantt Chart (in Repeating Group):

If you use the same logic applied in this repeating group, you will understand exactly how to build Gantt Charts using only Bubble’s native components :slight_smile:

Components > Miscelanneous
Preview: Bubble Essential Kit | Miscellaneous | #1 Bubble.io Component Library


I just stumbled upon your tool and was wondering if there is any chance of easily translating the components. I’m thinking about using your tool to produce apps in other languages than English. Any chance to have the components all set up with auto texts or similar?


Hey @michael41,

Yes, you can use Bubble’s native App Text feature to translate the elements to other languages:


Are there any good alternatives? Just checking out the market rn? :slight_smile: any recommandations?

This and atomic are the best currently imo.

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is the airdev component still working? - i cant get it to work // or not worth the try out

Looks awesome.