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Promoting Visual Programing, No Code (and Bubble)

In case anyone is interested, I wrote a reasonably light-weight article to encourage your average computer user to give visual programming a try. As a fan of, it is promoted throughout the post. Please feel free to share.

As existing users of the video of the Real Estate VR app (prototype) I created in Bubble might be of more interest than the article itself. I wrote it in less than a week for our sales guys to use whilst validating the product idea.


Nice article!

I particularly liked the video of the VR Prototype. May I ask what APIs you used for the app?

Thanks and well done Ben!

@kfhwdd Many thanks. I don’t think I used any APIs. I did use a few plugins - such as ‘login with Google’, but that’s about it.

Loved it, well done.

It’s awesome!!!

@NigelG @emmanuel Many thanks guys

And your VR app show the power of nocode toolsl ike Bubble. In a week !!!

@NigelG (et al)… thank you for your kind words. I hate to burst your bubble (ha ha), but it’s all fake (well, about 90% of it is). Nothing works, it just looks like it does if you follow a pre-scripted demo.

That’s not to take anything away from the power of Bubble though. I think it works fantastically as a rapid prototyping tool (whether fake or working) as well as for creating full working production apps.

My design skills are more limited than my programming skills - but with Bubble, I can produce something that looks good enough to put in front of prospective clients/users to get invaluable feedback.

With the current pricing model I can do that far more effectively and inexpensively with Bubble than with something like InVision (+ a designer)… and I personally think the result is better and easier to iterate - and maybe even turn into a production system.

I also love the rate at which Bubble is being improved and the strong user community.


Totally agree. I was about to do a balsamiq+invision playable demo and then thought … why don’t I just build it !