Launched Joli, my first Bubble app!

Hey all! I’m Sean, a designer and indie creator. I started playing around with Bubble around the beginning of 2023, by following some tutorials and just messing around. In that exploration I started to try to see if I could build out an idea I’ve had for a long time (in fact ever since Delicious went down. Does anybody remember Delicious? the awesome bookmark manager that was acquired and killed by yahoo?)

I digress, I wanted a bookmark manager that was outside of my browser. My team and I (at my 9-5) always struggle with sharing links to resources, inspiration, etc. as they often get lost in slack, or are just screenshots in figma. I wanted to build a way for us to share links in one place, so I began building Joli, a powerful bookmark manager that enables you to easily create, share, and collaborate on collections with your team, family, or your entire network!

After just about a week of playing around, I was amazed because I had a working prototype already! It was amazing how fast it came together, which is a testament to the true power of this platform. Over the next few months I added some new features, designed and redesigned pages, beta tested with friends, and now finally I’m happy to announce that Joli is open to the public! I scoffed at no-code for a while, but after creating a tool like this in such a short period of time, I’m all in on no-code, and am already currently building 2 more apps.

I’d love for you to check it out and leave any feedback you may have! Thanks to bubble and this community, of which I’ve relied on many times while troubleshooting.


Well done

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Cool product idea and love your landing page – nice work!

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Thanks so much!

This is fantastic! This is a great idea, I love the user interface too. I was impressed when the tile loaded the website preview as well.

Do you mind sharing roughly what sorts of WU you’re seeing from a user creating a single bookmark? And do you plan on keeping this totally open/free or are you looking to monetize with ads? I’m asking because I’m working on a ‘free’ app as well that I hope to support with ads…as long as the ad revenue more than compensates what the WU costs for each user :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the kind words msgiblin!

As for WU, I’m not really sure at the moment, but I’m not seeing a crazy amount of WU so far. Fingers crossed it stays low.

For now, I’m keeping it free until I can validate the idea, build a user base, and continue growing, at which point I definitely plan on introducing a paid tier along with a Free tier. Would like to stay away from ads as long as possible, but might be something I introduce in the future free tier.

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Thanks for the insight! And congrats again, Joli looks fantastic.