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Leafy Maps 🌿 (new free plugin)

I think I miss something quite obvious - once a popup is shown upon hovering a marker, how to hide it when the marker is unhovered?

Hello @vini_brito

I am getting this message when running Leafy Maps

You need first run a workflow “Get map center”

Maybe doing the same “Show custom popup” action but specifying some fake marker ID would work?

@vini_brito is it possible at this time to import KML ou GPX with leafy map plugin?
best regards

Hi, I hope to display a dynamically generated .tiff image over the map. Is this possible?

Thanks for such a nice plugin!

Is there any way to scale the resulting map markers?
I have an API that gives me lat, long and a scaled size (0-100). The idea is to create a range of dot sizes on the map. This would be similar in effect to a heatmap type display, but most often those use a gradient border and I was going to use a solid one and a transparent circle overlay ( so that multiple circles overlayed would show up as darker ). Again, very similar in function to a heatmap, just slightly different. Can DM an example if it is useful.

Sometime I get a plain grey box instead of the map and pins. It occurs seemingly randomly, and tends to come repeatedly for a while, then fixes itself. It happens about 10% of each page load. I’ve tried three map tile providers and it occurs with each. The data feeding the map pins is fine I believe.

Does anyone know what might be causing this?

is there a bug with getting the lat and long from the map center ('s Map center lat&long)? The other functions all working well but with the center option i get following error, maybe i missed something?

The plugin Leafy Maps / action Add marker on a Leafy map threw the following error: project@[email protected]/dist/leaflet.js:5:13433
latLngToPoint@[email protected]/dist/leaflet.js:5:11592
project@[email protected]/dist/leaflet.js:5:36646 (please report this to the plugin author)

— Update —
The correct Data is added to the Database, just showing the error for some reason.