Learning Bubble for Total Beginners

Hi! I’m getting started with bubble. I had a hard time yesterday trying to figure out how to retrieve a data entry from a database. I guess that’s a very simple action that should be obvious. But it’s not for total beginners as myself. In the first lesson you cover : how to display an address on a map, that seems kind of advanced for me.
I think it would be helpful if you could take a couple of steps back and start from the basics of the basics. Like creating a simple database; retrieving data entry when input is provided; retrieving a data entry when input is provided and button is clicked. It would be so much easier to follow along with these baby steps.
The examples of apps building lessons for total beginners: a simple calculator, a dictionary app or simple buzzfeed style quiz.

Can you recommend any step-by-step learning materials for total beginners?

I recommend the built-in tutorials and then this Bubble channel on Youtube. Also searching for specifics on the forums and Youtube as you grow.

Try also playing with the free templates and recreating them.

I started Bubble 3 months ago. The first day or two was a steep curve. Within a week I had a strong foundation with the basics. Now I’ve built out a fully-functioning marketplace app that we are bringing to market in a couple weeks.

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Welcome to Bubble. I am relatively new to bubble with only a month or so of experience. I already launched a basic application supporting my local police department. I am now working on building a more complex mobile app with bubble to be used by emergency responders and their dispatchers.

The beginning will be a little challenging unlit you get the hang of it. I’ll tell you exactly how I learned everything I learned to date.

  1. My first step was to take an excellent course by @gregjohnkeegan on Udemy called The Bubble Beginners Bootcamp - Visual Programming. The course starts from the very basics and by the end of the course you will have built a complete task management system. This course taught me enough to get me off the ground running and comfortable to begin building my own projects on my own.

  2. Next I spent some time trying to build my own ideas and whenever I got stuck I would spend a lot of time reading posts on this Bubble forum. There is a wealth of knowledge here and a lot of people happy to help you.

  3. The Bubble Manual has also played an important role in my journey. It is clear and organized and clarified a lot of confusion I had around different topics especially Bubble’s speed and optimizing my projects.

  4. I figured if I take a few more courses I would become more proficient and confident in my abilities so I purchased a lifetime access to ZeroQode’s labs where I have unlimited access to all their Bubble courses. I completed their AirBNB and Uber courses.

  5. At this point I began building real world projects for myself and clients. I was and still am a real newbie but that doesn’t stop me. I did run into some times where I had no idea how to build this or that. That is when I also purchased two short but valuable courses from Copilot to learn how to Master APIs and how to build a robust notification system.

  6. Every night before I go to sleep I spend 15 minutes reading through all the new posts on Bubble’s forum. Every day I learn really cool things about Bubble and its capabilities from reading through the forums.

  7. Another great resource that has proven to be valuable for me was the Coaching No Code Apps YouTube channel where her older videos go through the very basics and the more recent videos go through more complex topics.

In summary, there are only two really important things you can do right now:

  1. Get educated by others that already struggled and avoid many of the frustrations of trying to figure out all the basics on your own. For me, this meant taking courses online, reading forums and manuals, and watching YouTube videos.

  2. Jump right into building hands on. You will learn a ton just by doing. Taking a course? Build the same project along with the instructor. This is how you will learn quickly.

Ps. In the beginning you may get frustrated whenever you get stuck but I will assure you that while there is a learning curve to Bubble, the hump you need to get over is not that high. A little persistence and you will be well on your way to building whatever you want!

Good Luck!


Thanks, Alex. Coaching No Code Apps is the best I’ve seen so far.

Hey! :wave:

Welcome to Bubble! You can check out www.NoCodeMinute.com for some help. Check out the Grocery List tutorial that I have for free. It sets things up for you from the beginning. I hope that helps.

If you ever need a one-on-one tutoring session you can book a session and I can help answer a lot of your questions in a short amount of time.

I hope that helps! Don’t give up! :blush:

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Thanks a lot, Ralph, for such a detailed answer. I’ve checked out the Udemy course called Bubble Beginners Bootcamp - Visual Programming. I think I’ll give it a try.


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