What beginners need to learn to master Bubble?

Hi all.
It would be so kind if you (Bubble masters) can tell what the beginners (newbe) need to learn to improve their knowledge in Bubble? De we learn JavaScript? HTML? Etc…?

Thank you.

im not an expert but you should read every new forum post.


Step 1: Do the Bubble tutorials.

Step 2: Build something. Flesh out an idea and try to build it with Bubble. If you hit a roadblock, have a look at the forum, you will find answers to most of your questions.

Your product won’t be perfect from the beginning, but you will learn everything that is relevant on the way and constantly improve. But it is crucial to actually build something.


De we learn JavaScript? HTML? Etc…?

definitely not.


Quite frankly - it’s everything and nothing in particular.

Bubble is so wide that every little bit (databases concept, design basics, concept of programming functions methods, etc.) helps!

But the beauty is that you don’t really need to KNOW any of that to get started.

Bubble is a wonderful way to help you to help to wrap your head around a lot of these concepts and much more.

So the best suggestion is “just do it”.

You will understand on the way of what exactly you’re missing in terms of specific framework or module.

And as many pointed out - forum is THE place for finding the answers.

Don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis :slight_smile: just do it!

P.S. And of course, there is a ton of resources to help you with it. Both paid and free.
Here’s a great reference topic.

Vlad Larin

zeroqode-for-web-160x120 - Copy

Psst. Want some courses? :slight_smile:


I think teaching others is good too, it will reinforce your own understanding.


Hey @ulrich_00132,

  1. What are you passionate about?
  2. How could an app help you?
  3. What kind of data/information is relevant to your passions?
  4. Build small things, do experiements, PLAY. Bubble’s an amazing sandbox to try new ideas.

Suggested Project Level: GET STARTED)

Make a SIMPLE website, QuiCKLy. Get some confidence pushing things around.
I mean, you can make a website in 10 seconds… It’ll be awfully simple, but heck, you’re cookin online now buddy!
Get to know the basics of shapes, groups, text, pictures.

Make a picture album
Make a menu for a restaurant
Build your resume online.

These ideas are all static. They don’t deal with changing data.

Suggested Project Level 2: RESPONSIVE)

Learn about making things responsive
-fixed width
-learn how to use the responsive and UI builder tabs.

Play play play. learn how to make things be responsive.
Could you make that album, menu, resume look good on a small cell phone? a tablet? a TV?

As you explore and play, you’ll get to experiment, fail, and succeed at bringing your vision into reality.

Suggested Project Level 3: DATABASE)

Make some things!
Make a to do list with an input box and a repeating group.
Add a delete button to those items.

Make it pretty.
Figure out how to make a full screen button for your home screen. (That’s kinda advanced, but things look way better and feel more like a real app)

USE your todo/shopping list.

Suggested Project Level 4: USERS)

Figure out how to make users.
Add users to your todo/shopping list…
Share this amazeballz website with your friends. Have them login and use the thing.

After this site is working,

Try making a messaging app.

Suggested Project Level 5: STATES)

A database is a place to store all of the information of your website. At it’s simplest, it’s kinda like a physical warehouse of servers (computers) that sits somewhere and holds your data… I’m guessing Bubble’s database servers are in New York?!? I dunno. As Bubble grows, they’ll have servers all over.

That’s all well n good. But talking to those servers can take time. so… Learn about STATES.

Make a stopwatch that saves its values in STATES.

States are great.

Those are some things to get you started.
The most important thing, @emmanuel always says this, is to have a CLEAR idea about what you want to build.

Have fun


Happy Bubblin!

your friend,



Bubble is a great development platform. The time it takes to come up with something usable in Bubble is just a fraction of any other programming languages. I find it more flexible than those RAD database systems such as Filemaker, etc. There is no need to learn any languages. What you need to know is learn by trying and also by seeing what others do.

In my case I devoured all videos available on YouTube pertaining to Bubble. I also subscribed to Zeroqode MVP online videos. You can learn by watching those videos and then follow along. In Zeroqode they take you through development of a sample MVP level app from zero base e.g. AirBnB and many others. Gabby from https://coachingnocodeapps.com/ provides amazing learning material on YouTube.

I learned a lot using these resources. It took me a month (at night after my regular work) to come up to speed with developing using Bubble.

Hope this helps.


Thank you very much for giving your point of view and sharing your experience. it’s very useful and helps to increase self-confidence. Thank you guys. Let’s dive into Bubble!

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Awesome buddy!

Have a great weekend!