Learning + Money

We have paid about 50K to develop the building blocks to build a marketplace.

-want to watch our documentation videos (yep, we spent as much time on documentation and empowerment as development)
-want to take our building blocks and use them to create multiple apps in a rapid prototyping way
-want to a little money for runway / breathing room for your own projects

4x entrepreneur living in San Francisco
1x hedge fund
1x high frequency trading software (traded millions of contracts on the CME)
1x airbnb property management company
-and now, crazy enough to try a marketplace.

We’ve worked with ex-employees of AirDev, ZeroQuode, and QREW. We have plugins integrated in React into our marketplace (they are private).

We want someone who can work ~ 15 hours a week plus or minus (with ample vacations).
We have challenging needs and we will ask you to use our communication tools:
-slack, zoom, loom, teamviewer 11

We pay competitive market rates and are willing to discuss equity compensation.

Thanks for taking a look and we will pay a small referral bonus if you forward this to your (talented!) friends.

Thank you and please PM me

hi I just read your post and I looking for new opportunities I can work 40 hours a week i just want to learn more about bubble and if I can get a little help with my own bubble project’s it will be really great this is my own website hamzahamdi.fr you can reach e-mail me at [email protected]
hoping to hear from you soon

https://www.hamzahamdi.fr/?lang=en my website in english would be better do you thing lol


We have recently been getting pinged to see if we are still hiring. The answer is yes, now more than ever.

If you’d like to see the marketplace beforehand, you can find it at www.split.lease

We’re looking for someone 3+ years of bubble experience and can commit to 10-20 hours a week for 3 months after a two week trial period. Good communication skills essential. Should be 2x faster at prototyping and adjusting for responsiveness than 95% of bubblers.

Thank you,
Igor R Schmertzler