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Junior Developer working for San Francisco Marketplace

We have paid about 200K to develop the building blocks to build a marketplace - see the site at

-want to take direction from Nigel (a bubble pioneer) and Igor, the CEO & Founder
-are a junior bubble developer located outside the United States
-want to watch our documentation videos (yep, we spent as much time on documentation and empowerment as development)
-want to earn cash
-can offer at least 10 hours a week for an evaluation period

4x entrepreneur living in San Francisco / Michigan
1x hedge fund
1x high frequency trading software (traded millions of contracts on the CME)
1x airbnb property management company
-and now, crazy enough to try a marketplace.

We’ve worked with ex-employees of AirDev, ZeroQuode, and QREW and now have a Bubble Pioneer as advisor. We have plugins integrated in React into our marketplace (they are private).

We want someone who can work ~ 15 hours a week plus or minus (with ample vacations).
We have challenging needs and we will ask you to use our communication tools:
-slack, zoom, loom, teamviewer 11

We pay competitive market rates and are willing to discuss equity compensation.

Thanks for taking a look and we will pay a small referral bonus if you forward this to your (talented!) friends.

We do not pay for the first 2-3 times we meet to get comfortable to mutually gauge fit.

What’s the size of the operation? We have a team of 6 who have worked for over a year together. Ample training provided. Pay goes up over time.

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Hi I would like to consider this opportunity and work with you guys. Kindly let me know what are next steps to proceed.

Hi Igor,

I’m a product manager in my day job and a bubble developer most times outside of that. I’ve been at it for about 9 months and built a project management platform. I’ve also been the first employee at a startup in New York City and worn multiple hats ranging from support to sales and involved in fundraising. I think I can provide a lot of value with this experience.

I’m currently in Europe for the next few months but will be moving to Washington DC in the summer. I plan to continue to work remote as I have for the past year but want to focus more on Bubble development.

I would love to take my relevant experiences and skills to an opportunity like what you’re describing. If you’re open to it, I’d like to like to connect to see if there’s a mutual fit for the opportunity.

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Hi Igor, I would love to learn more about this opportunity. Direct message me about the next steps. Thanks, Krisztian

Hi @igor ! I’m ready to help, you can check my UX/UI skills by the links below.


Thank you Asa. Unfortunately, because we have a decent number of employees who work eastern time zone (US) hours, we can’t make the time difference with India or Pakistan work for us.

Hello Gyurisc, we need a little more bubble experience.


Your profile says you joined this year, 4 months ago. How could we verify 9 months of experience?

Given your multiple hats, I wonder if this job would be either tedious for you (you’d be taking direction not setting direction) or not in your pay expectations. For stability, we prefer to hire outside of the United States to match or exceed market rates. Just yesterday, I interviewed a 20 year old who suggested 100K/yr for this position from Australia (way, way off the mark). I’ve been hiring for Bubble since 2017 so I like to avoid these unstable arrangements and high flying kids.

Currently, we have found 2/3 devs we want to hire for the trial so we are looking for one more. After the two week trial, only one of the junior devs will stay, so the trial (while paid) has some risk that we will not continue.

Thank you, I hope that openness will indeed be helpful in finding the right fit over the next couple of days. We intend to start the two week trial on Monday April 12th.


Igor, I’ve moved this to DM to provide some more details.

Hello, thank you to everyone who has engaged with this post. For right now, we are at capacity on trial for junior bubble devs. Thank you again for looking and I wish you all much success in your endeavors - Igor Schmertzler

Hi @igor if you still consider hiring a dev I’m interested. I have relevant skills and I can do the following;
Front-end development which includes UI/UX designs

Saas application design/Dashboards

Importing Figma/Zeplin designs/Wireframes and implementing them in

Back-end/data structuring, workflows

Mobile Development

Payment integrations

Plugin configurations

Responsive design
my email is [email protected].

Paul - we will keep you in mind if anything changes. Humbly appreciate your interest.

@igor Thank you.