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I bought the Learny template and started creating the app (website) but it seems that when it loaded up into Bubble, parts are missing as per the demo model. For example the header is not showing - it is empty - no logo, no menu etc and where it has courses they are missing parts. and it actually says missing element.

Any recommendations please - it was quite expensive, so hoping it is a quick fix.


Hi @digim

You are showing two reusable elements. You can access them by clicking on them and pressing edit.

There after check for the elements inside and whether their visibility has conditions.

Thank you so much.
All the other elements work and show what is inside them when clicking on them and editing them. But these two reusable elements i edit and it comes to a screen that is greyed out. Here is a screenshot of the header. So i am not sure exactly where to find the elements inside as there is nothing showing. Thanks

Hey @digim.
Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the late reply :pray:

As @cmarchan kindly noted, the template has different reusable elements which you can find in the Reusable elements section:
To be able to edit them, do a double-click on such element or find it in the special section, near the Pages section.

Some elements in the template are hidden from view on the editor and the page load. To make them visible in the editor, please find the Element tree section and press the “eye” icon:

In the example of the Header reusable element, all its elements are hidden in the editor. Please open the Element tree and expand nesting groups:

When you click on some group within the element tree, you are “opening” its inner elements and make them visible in the editor.

I suppose this video will be useful for you. It should help you understand the Bubble basics:

Besides, some useful pieces of information you can find in Bubble Manuals:

I hope it helps. :slightly_smiling_face:
Zeroqode Team

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Thank you so much. I can understand that part now. I’ll watch the video etc and will let you know if I have any further questions. Thanks again. Sarah

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You are always welcome Sarah :slightly_smiling_face:
Feel free to tag @zeroqode when you have any questions about our products.

Zeroqode Team

will do thanks again

Me again.
i have worked out now how to show the elements, now hopefully this is my last question on reusable elements. As this is a set template, when i see the elements come up to edit they look like

Ok but when i actually look at the Learny template it looks like:

My question is if the template looks like that in preview, but when i see it in edit mode it looks nothing like that, how do i edit the information that is in the preview. OR where do i find that information that is in the preview because what i am seeing is not the same thing.
Thank you


From the editor side, you are working with the repeating group, that is placed into the courseReusable element. To better understanding how to work with the data in repeating groups, please check these educational resources:

The point is - you can edit the structure of the elements, nested within the reusable element. But if you want to change the data (content), that is stored inside the reusable element - you should interact with the App Data.

So, I think, it will be better if you get some more Bubble knowledge first. These resources should help you:

Zeroqode Team

Thank you so much again. This is super helpful. Thanks


Me again. With regards i have got that all working. Not too much more to ask now. Just this page here - when i click on a course it opens up with these details. How do i edit data and things on this page. Thanks,

Hi @digim,

From the backend (editor), you can edit the course page on its page respectfully:

But if you want to edit this page from the frontend (user), you should go to the admin page and find the Courses tab. There you can see the list of currently available courses and edit them:

Don’t forget to check the template’s documentation to find out how to remove the restrictions from the admin page, and use it without the limits (if you haven’t done it yet):
Learny SaaS - Online Learning Platform Template - Zeroqode

I hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face:
Zeroqode Team

Hi thank you so much. I have been getting through everything as explained so that is great.

The one area I am stuck is the last part I am trying to change the course section from the front end but not sure on the removing restrictions from the admin page. I have gone into the document and here is a print screen. but not quote sure where to access the new user information to make the change. Im a bit confused on this one.

I am assuming once i make this change i can go in and update this section as I am currently not able to find where I can update this.

Slowly getting there.
Thanks so much for your help.

@digim, sorry for the late reply :pray:

The point of the Admin page is read-only section in the template documentation - is to let you set an Admin user of your app, so he can edit the template admin page. You need to:

  • go to your Users tab,
  • choose the user you intend as Admin,
  • click the “Edit” icon,
  • and then follow the instruction from the documentation.

Example: Screenshot by Lightshot | Screenshot by Lightshot | Screenshot by Lightshot
After the following manipulations, the Edit icon in the admin page (Courses section) should be clickable for your user.

Please check and confirm.
Zeroqode Team

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