Leave an "anonymous" field

Hello everyone, I would like to know if you have any possibility to leave the “create by” field empty …

If it’s a front-end UI thing you can have a separate yes/no field indicating if it’s anonymous. Then a conditional on your “Created by” text to show anonymous if that field is yes.

Good strategy, this could also be done by the privacy settings, so there’s no way people will find out who it is… (When anonymous is yes, created by is not visible)

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@lukinhapophack if you need to anonymize the data at the DB level you can use a backend workflow to create the data… for example when the user clicks save (or whatever) you make an API call to your own backend which creates the object… similarly you can do it with new database event (you have one temporary table for the user submissions and when a record is created there the backend flow creates a new record in the “real” table and deletes the user submission record)

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