Leaving an empty line in justified text


How can I leave an empty line in justified text? The normal “Press enter” does not apply here since “justified text” takes it back.

Thank you

Hey there,

I wonder if you have managed to solve this issue since then?
I have the same problem and it’s giving me a serious headache already.


If anyone else is having this problem again: there is a solution with the use of CSS Tools Plugin.

  1. Settings > General > Expose the option to add an ID attribute to HTML elements
  2. Install the plugin
  3. Drag and drop the CSS tools element on the page
  4. Workflow > When Page is loaded > Element actions > Add Custom Style To Head CSSTools A > #myDiv { text-align:justify; }
  5. On the bottom of the text container element attributes, change ID Attribute to myDiv

‘myDiv’ can be changed to any other element ID name of course, just make sure to also include it in the CSS tools element workflow.

I’m a total amateur at this and have no idea how much extra time it takes for the page to load this way, but seems good to me.