Wrapping text with spaces

Is there a way for to get the spaces to not show up in right justified text that is wrapped?

I know I could fix this with two separate text boxes but the text is dynamically populated and trying to implement that functionality would be super messy, if not impossible.

If I try the same thing in a text box in word, it removes the spaces:

It works fine for left justified styles, but not right justified:

My guess this a bubble quirk but hopefully not.
Thanks in advance

For anyone with the same question, I was in contact with bubble and they said they have turned off the collapsing of white space on their css side and in order to fix would need their development team to add a tix box to allow the white space to toggle between collapsed and not. The work around is to add and id to the element and then to add custom css to the that element like so:
< style>
#yourcustomID {
white-space: normal !important;
< /style>