Rich text, space before/after paragraph

Hi everyone,

Can somebody help me how to set rich text element so that it can show higher vertical space before and after paragraph.

I can make it when create text using multiline input (by push enter after paragraph), the vert space is shown when displaying in multline input as well…but I also need to be set as justify which multiline input can not.

The best choice is to display by text element to be set as justify but it can’t detect those vertical space before/after paragraph.

Here is in multiline input

Below is the result displayed in text element, justify

Thanks in advance

Hi All,

Is there anyone can help me please…how to display text data with vert space between paragraph

Hi @anwarsby

Maybe this post can help you

Good luck


Hi @eren thanks a lot! Will give it a try

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Hi @eren @banatoshintalo i just have time to try this…and it works! Thanks a lot you save my life!


I’m glad it worked. You can mark the post as a solution, so other bubblers will be easier to find.

Hi @eren I’d like to…but sorry if it’s a little bit silly😊…I can’t find how to mark a post as a solution…can you guide me😁

Hi @anwarsby

No it isn’t silly. Just check this checkbox.

Owh…how can I missed that check box😀 I look for it inside “more” icon…it’s done, and thanks again!

They say " If you’re hiding something, put it where it can be seen." :grinning: