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🏧 Lendy P2P Lending - New Template from Zeroqode


Lendy - P2P Lending Template is a full-featured peer-to-peer lending application that comes with card & bank payments, multiple loan repayment options, loan grading/rating system, admin & investor dashboards and more.


  • Fully responsive pages and user dashboard
  • Fully responsive Admin Dashboard for Management
  • Secure & Fintech Compliant Signup Process
  • Credit Cards & Bank Payments Powered by Stripe and Plaid
  • Bank Withdrawals Powered by Stripe and Plaid
  • Flexible loan repayment system
  • Standard Email Notifications

Live Demo:

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode

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Is this based on something like

I did look into something like this previously, I stepped away because of the huge amount of regulation you need to get through. You’re essentially a bank doing this right. So you need a huge amount of money and lawyers to just start a lending business.

@stone We’ve looked at a few peer-2-peer lending solutions when creating Lendy. It’s built both for those who want to start a similar platform and working out all those regulation and other issues but also for those who just want to use the concept (or some of it core components like Plaid integration etc.) and adapt it to other use cases.

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I respect that, good job on this, I can’t speak for the internals, but it looks good on the surface :+1: Make sure to put out warnings, though. Since using this could be illegal. :smiley:

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there would be sooo many warnings to put out :slight_smile: I think using any of our templates can be illegal depending on how you use it :slight_smile: So we assume that users would do their home work on that :slight_smile:

Hello, is there any lessons on how to build one instead of just purchasing the template?

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Also looking fo this. I bought the template for the components but the API connections are quite complex (a feature, not a bug!)

A full course on how to build from scratch would be incredible for learning.

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Hey @monique and @will2
unfortunately we don’t have a course on how to build one from scratch, but we do have a video tutorial that shows how to use and customize the template:
here is a link to the free video course:

also make sure to read the docs:
and of course if you have any particular questions about using or customizing the template please feel free to post them here

Hi Levon, I’ve purchased the template watched the tutorial as I wanted to leverage and incorporate some of the functionality in my own app. The template appears really well constructed, however I found the tutorial to be of limited use as it basically just showed you how to change colours etc - nothing meaty like the APIs, workflows /database / logic.

There is a lot of value in going through it myself to learn how it was constructed (which I’m doing), but just for feedback I thought I’d let you know that for future template tutorials could benefit from more of an architectural overview, not just how to tweak the interface.

But great work on the template and the effort I can see your team putting in to closing out some of the historical documentation gaps.



did you check this document? It describes the API parts as well

Hello, I have bought the template but how do you log in as an admin once the template has been pushed live? I can see that there is a Demo button, but as I don’t want that on the live site…so what do I log in as via the signup-button in the menu to be able to log in as an admin on the dashboard?

Also, I am confused…how does the website holder make money from the loans? I see how the investors make money, but not the site holder.

Hi Monique, I think your question is more of a business model / product strategy query and is not really something you should seek to have a template provider answer for you. These bubble templates - while containing a lot of pre-built functionality - are not a fully out-of-the box DIY business. You need to think about (among other things), your:

  • risk and compliance regime unique to your location
  • credit risk appetite
  • reporting and disclosure obligations
  • contracts between parties
  • marketing, lead generation, origination and any commissions payable
  • margins (i.e. website holder cut of the interest earnings)
  • prioritisation of losses (who loses their money first in default scenarios)
  • etc, etc, etc

So my point I guess is that (while despite being really well built) this isn’t a website template that you can plug and play, but rather a starting point (time saver) for a business web application that you will still need to customise and add expand on (re: above points) to suit your unique business strategy.

Hello, thank you for your response. All of that has been spoken about with our team and we do have a business model set as well as lawyers in place working on other aspects. My question is, in more detail as I may have miss worded:

  1. Does the investor makes money off the interest? (Yes I am guessing)
  2. Is there a way for us to make money off that interest as well? Does it divide the two? A point to us and then points to the investors? Yes there is some editing to be done in the template, but as I have asked about “how-to’s” to build certain things in the past, I was told the template was too in-depth to be able to assist. But really as I need is a way to make a percentage off the interest.
    3)Please see other question about admin login.
  3. I also wish before the sale was made I was aware of the difficulty editing this template, as there are no courses only simple color changes. I love the template, but fear doing any work on it will break it, and will still need to hire someone with more money, a few thousand, to make it work. There has to be a flow in where the admin makes a percentage of the interest or something similar for revenue gains.

Thanks so much for your help, as I have been at a loss.

Thank you for reaching out to us! First of all about the Admin Dashboard Login.

The Admin button on the index page of demo is set there to illustrate the admin functionality. As you don’t need your users to be able to access it, you can just remove it from there.
Now how to login as admin. You should open your app in -> go to Data section - > App Data -> Create a New Database Entry, type of thing “User” -> enter data for your admin account and set the is_admin to yes. Please look at the video for more details:

Now to your interest’s questions. There are two places where platform admin can take fees. Fees can be added during loan offer calculations. And then fees can also be taken from investors returns (we’ll update the documentation to include it).
Loan fees (1st location) - This loan calculator is for displaying live results in the front end. Figures here should be same with those eventually used for the selected loan when being finalized in the back end. (Note that Loan A is for first loan offer and Loan B is for second loan offer. The difference is in the loan terms):

Loan Fees (2nd location):

This is where the investors share of the larger loan is calculated. Admin can deduct a fee expressed as a decimal fraction and it would automatically mean investor will receive all returns less that fraction. For example, if an investor puts in $10 for a $100 loan, their share is 10% stored as 0.1 in the database. If the admin wants to take a fee of 1% of the investor’s returns, then admin will remove 0.001 (1% of 10%) from the investor’s share.

These above are just the examples. There are different ways the Admin can deduce fees, it’s up to you to decide and to calculate.

I understand that setting up the template can be overwhelming at the moments. But ultimately, the workflows reflect your business model. So if you have it set with your team and with the lawyers all you have to do is to transform it in the list of simple calculations that could be applied in Bubble.
We’re working hard to supply our customers with documentation and we take into account every support request. Bubble can seem difficult at the first but it pays you back with the speed of development.
Please let me know if you have other questions.


Thanks so much for your reply! I followed the video but it doesn’t give a place to set up a password when making a user. So I tried clicking “run as” instead and to log-in from the data list. Then went to settings once logged in to set a pass, but I can’t change with without having the last password. But the last pass was system automated so I don’t know it.

Another question, so sorry. But when I click “run as” to log in it takes me to the borrower dash not the admin dash. Not sure why when its set to “admin” on set up.

Ok ok, so we did a run through and when I get to the set up banking info page and click “connect bank account” it goes to another page to choose your bank but it redirects right back to the prior page we started on without allowing you to choose your bank. Is this because we haven’t put our stripe API in as yet, in the plugin? Or is it because there’s a bug?

Also, on the borrow page funnel, where it gives you the 2 options to choose which loan you want…the data values or numbers are blank like interests and such. We haven’t touched these pages at all editing wise, so not sure why they are not showing. Thanks so much for your help! Would you like our bubble user: and pass: to take a look?

Hello Monique,

Could you proceed this way please:

  1. Go to your app and sign up as a borrower or investor.
  2. Confirm your email address.
  3. Go to Database, find your record and update the is_admin for your record to yes.
  4. Go to the admin page -> workflows and find a workflow “Do when current user’s is_admin is NO” and enable the workflow:

Now, log in and click on admin button and it should lead you to the dashboard.

Regarding the connecting bank accounts and I’ve just tested it, it should work even if you didn’t set up other things yet.

And the same with the borrower registration. I’ve created a test borrower account with random data and when I came to loan options page, here what I see:

If you didn’t customize the template yet, I advice you to create a clean app again and test it there.

Kind regards,

Hello, where do you reset the app? I don’t want to create a new one as it will charge me twice for my plan. I cant find any topics online on how to reset the app itself to original defaults without having to create a new app and being charged twice for my plan.

I’m afraid there is no resetting option, you can simply cancel the current subscription and create a new app. If you get charged more than you should, then please reach out to [email protected] I believe they will help you out

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