Lendy Theme Create Admin Account

When I try to create an admin account, for login in, it still does to a borrower’s dashboard and not the admins’ dashboard when I log in the front end. I even changed the settings in the database to “admin”

if I understood correctly, you have a repeating group that display the admin users and another repeating group that displays borrowers? In the borrowers repeating group, you don’t want the admins to be displayed?

I have no idea, I didn’t build this template. I just want to be able to log into the admin dashboard when I type in a admin user email and password

Oh sorry. I didn’t pay attention to the words “log in”, my bad. I think only a specific email can log in. Can you share the editor link to take a look. You can give me read only access.

So make the app not “private app” but only change to “anyone can view” ? So you can take a look?

Yes. You’re right.

Alright done

where is the editor link? Just copy paste the Url here.

Sorry sorry, http://goodborrow.com/version-test/

This is the preview link. I need the editor link. Where you edit things… :slight_smile:

are you sure you set it to “everyone can view”?

You have facilitated $3.5b of business loans? I’m impressed, and intrigued, as to why you are not taking full control of your product and develop a proprietary solution?

I always wonder where the break point of bubble is, at what point does control trump Bubble’s ease of use. Been thinking about this more lately, having seen people saying they spend “hundreds of thousands on bubble” but can’t get that one feature, or speed, or whatever it may be.

This is a beta built from a template with pre-written copy…we are not finished building this, the copy will be changed when ready to launch, WHY I am on here trouble shooting little things. Thanks for everyone’s help! I had to create a new account as it said I reached my reply limit for the next 13 hours. :slight_smile:

First you have two important workflows disabled. For security reasons, enable these workflow. (if you want)

Second, add a second step here.
“go to page admin” only when “current user’s is_admin is yes”

Ah ok. Well, I’m sure you will reach $3.5b in the future (fingers crossed). And when you do, please let me know if you are still on bubble :slight_smile:

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Chill guys. what @casheets123 is trying to tell you, if your business grows and you started to make a lot of profit, use another platform that gives you more control (the best solution is coding). @ourladyanne if you got the answer that you needed please click on the “solution” button under my post and let us continue our lives.

Happy Bubbling

The first instruction I get, but the last one I do not. Where is this workflow to edit it? :slight_smile: :blush:

Select the reusable element called “Signup/Login Popup”. Then go to the workflow tab and make the changes

I added the "only when “current user’s is_admin is yes”

But where do I add “go to page admin”