Adminy dashboard - groups, permissions and more

Hi everyone

I would like introduce our newest updates for Adminy Dashboard

After 2 months of work, we have a really cool admin interface with great functionalities and design:

  • add, delete, activate or rename pages and subpages right from the backend. It takes 1 click

  • create groups of users like superadmin, admin, translators etc

  • allow/restrict users to do specific actions like Add pages, Add subpages, Add groups etc by creating permissions

  • manage users and permissions. You decide what each user group is able to do or see.

We have created a “how to start” guide which is available here:
These functionalities have been requested a lot on the forum and we understand why, so the problem should be fixed now.
Besides those functionalities you get a great front interface UI

Here are the links to the template:
Front end:
Back end:
Bubble store link:

Please let us know what you think :slight_smile:



Nice job, cm1 :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hi cm1, I need help completing installation. I have the Adminy dashboard visible but can not active the initial group that will enable me to being to build pages.

Following your instructions through step #19. Unsure how to get to step #20.


Hey Bubblers!
Glad to let everyone know that Adminy dashboard template is again available for sale under Bubblewits.
Claudiu did a great job putting together this template but then had to take it down for technical reasons. We’ve reached an agreement for transferring this template to Bubblewits.

here is the link to the template again:


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Hey does ‘used 19 times’ mean 19 purchases of this template? Just curious :slight_smile: Great job btw

It does not necessarily mean purchases. If the template has ever been set to ‘Free’, people could have Used it without paying for it.

The count just keeps track of the Uses, regardless of what price point the template was at when a User added it to their account

Geoff | Wolfer Tech
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Hey - did you ever get this up and running? Did you work out the solution? If you can shed any light that would be much appreciated. The new app owner is terribly unresponsive. He would rather give me a refund than help me set this up…

good job.

Could you please explain how you made this dashboard menu? I’m new to the bubble