Re-Launched Template: Dashboard & Invoicing 🎉

I am excited to announce the re-launch of my Bubble template: Premium Startup Pack :tada:

This is a major UI upgrade to a template that has been in the marketplace for a while. The setup and logic has alos been improved along with some minor bug fixes. I have used the main Dashboard design from this template in my own production application for a few years so I can vouch for it’s usefulness!

For a quick overview of the Template, check out this video:

To test drive the template Click Here

Note: This is the base of a previous template, so if you happen to be one of the many that already purchased this template you automatically get the new UI updates and features.


I got messaged a few times about responsiveness, and yes it is responsive but some people may have found some bugs / screen sizes I had not tested :see_no_evil:. All fixed now but if anyone finds anymore let me know and it will get fixed quickly.

Dashboard on small screen size :point_down:

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It’s been asked a few times, so just letting everyone know that most of the icons used in the template are from Definitely my favourite resource for icons

Hello Geoff @gf_wolfer ,
I hope you are doing well. Recently I bought the template Premium Startup Pack - and realized that once you sign up and then try to log in later with the user just created, it seems the workflow for login is not working or not created, and I tested it before making changes to the template. I do not know if I am missing something, but this is the template Bubble is distributing. Let me share the screenshot where this is happening:

Hey Daniel thanks for the purchase and reaching out. So this will need to be adjusted in the Template before you can use it, the current setup is to make it easier for people to test the app, but the result is you have to make a small change to it when you create your own app with it.

I think you are hitting the issue where you cannot type in the Email and Password fields because the Inputs are actually disabled.
To fix this go to the /login page in the Bubble Editor and Uncheck ‘Disable this input’ and delete the the Initial Content

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Hi Geoff,
I appreciate your answer and thank you! I followed your instructions and this is solved. The question I have is there any documentation aside from the comments within the editor for this template?
I am investing the time not only to adapt this template, but also to advance the learning curve at Bubble, but any tips or recommendations to make this process smooth are welcome with the objective of not doing the mistakes you made during your process.
I finished all the bubble courses and now I am doing the courses from Zeroqode, the challenge I have in 30 days is to finish all the lessons and build all the projects they have in the courses, I am also reading the materials and posts in the bubble forum. Any suggestions?

Thank you again.

Hello Geoff @gf_wolfer ,

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to change/edit the elements from the menu, but I couldn’t do it since this is a repeating group> Parent Group Dashboard Pages´s Display. Could help me or guide me? Thank you,


Hey @daniel30aguilar, the Dashboard Pages can actually be found under the Data Tab in the Option Sets:

So you can Add or Edit page names from there.

If you need to know how to Add a page let me know and I might be able to pit together a quick video soon.

Unfortunately the documentation in that template is somewhat limited for now so feel free to post here with any questions (it will help me know what areas of the template need docs). Regarding learning Bubble it sounds like you are doing a good job exploring all the resources to learn Bubble which will give you a great framework.

I would suggest as a next step to think about what your Goal with Bubble is, is it to build your own specific application, to work as an employee/freelancer, just for fun, etc and make your next steps based on that.
If it is building a specific app - get started!
If it is freelancing or getting a job, start applying for gigs through the forum or through AirDev or job sites
If it is to get an advanced learning of Bubble than having some specific challenges in mind and connecting with a Bubble Expert for a video session can also be a great way to advance quickly

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Hello Geoff @gf_wolfer ,
Thank you again; issue solved. I appreciate your help!
About the video, thank you for the offering; let me advance a little bit in the process in case I have more questions, so you have to make just one video or one sit to prepare for this.
“feel free to post here” I will do it, and new customers of your template can benefit from it.
I have a clear goal of what I want: to build my specific applications.
Great tips and advice, and thank you for writing, Geoff!

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Wait you haven’t tested all screen sizes? I’m going to need you to test it for my Microsoft Zune HD. :innocent:

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Hi Geoff @gf_wolfer, I hope you are doing well.

  1. I accept the video about how to add a page.

  2. Is it possible to edit the submenus, or I have to delete them to create new names? It seems deleting is the only option.
    Submenu - Edit Q

  3. To edit the Status, the words “outstanding” and “paid” have to be edited on the workflows?
    Status Paid  and Outstanding

  4. I am thinking of allowing the users to upload their logo (if they have any), the address, telephone by default on the design of the invoice. Maybe, I want to create a section or submenu on the settings section, like “upload your logo and info you want your customers to view on your invoice.” If you have a better suggestion, it is welcome.

Hello Geoff @gf_wolfer , happy weekend; I hope you are doing well. If you have the chance and have the time to send the video or the instructions to add up the page, it would be great.
Thank you!

Sorry for the delay!

I am unable to do a full video with sound but the steps are pretty simple,

  • Step 1 - Extend the Page & Elements Height
  • Step 2 - Copy a ‘Page’
  • Step 3 - Add the Page to Option Sets and then reset the Conditional

Video link of these steps being done: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

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You will need to Delete and re-add

If you want to use a different naming strategy you will need to find anywhere it says paid and outstanding in the workflows and change it to your desired text. You will also want to double check if there are Conditions based on this Status field such as here:

4 - If you plan to have many Users and want their specific Logos and information to appear on the invoice you will want to use a Data type, not an Option Set (Option Sets are used for the entire app, such as an app name or app logo, while Data can be different based on each user)

So for those fields, the referencing would be something like: “Parent Groups Associated User’s Name”

Hello Geoff @gf_wolfer, thank you for the indications; they were evident since I could implement them successfully without issues. The video was great; actually, it didn’t need sound.

I will do it. Thank you!

Hi @gf_wolfer

I really love your app.

I help my clients build a business. I purchased your CRM to provide my clients a way to manage their contacts, send invoices, and get paid.

Here’s my question:

How can I allow my clients (users of the CRM) to input their own Stripe API key to send invoices to their clients?

Hopefully this makes sense!


Thanks Ira!

I would recommend using Stripe Connect with Standard Accounts to do this, it is the most secure way to have a platform while allowing your users to accept their own stripe payments

Hey @gf_wolfer

Thanks for getting back with me! Do you accept custom requests where I can pay you to do work for me?

Here’s what I need to do:

  1. Integrate stripe connect with standard accounts in the CRM so my users can accept their own stripe payments.

  2. Provide a way for my users (those who are signed up for my services) to view billings details and change their payment methods in the CRM

Let me know either way

Unfortunately I do not have the time capacity to do any freelance/custom work at this time. Both of those needs sounds reasonable and the template should be rather easy for any other Bubble Developers/Freelancers to work on if you want to also make a post in the forum in the ‘Jobs/Freelance’ category to try and find someone who can assist. Or there are Bubble Coaches who can walk through the development with you as well.

Best of luck on it!