Let a Embedded Conversational Agent Receive and Send Data to Bubble Frontend

Hey there!

I would like to implement a chat bot / conversational agent into a bubble application. This can be easily done by adding a simple js-code.

But now it gets a little more complicated. On the one hand, I would like to trigger the chat bot on certain events (e.g. button clicks) and respond (e.g. with text messages) and on the other hand trigger events on the page (e.g. redirects, change variables) on certain text-entries in the bot.

I have already looked at various chat bot providers, but so far I have not been able to find any possibility for my project. Many systems offer webhooks, but these would then have to manipulate the frontend of an individual user - is this possible at all? I thought webhooks would be more suitable for backend workflows or actions.

I am happy about any ideas!

Yeah sometimes, especially in video conferences and VOIP features there’s a webhook manipulating the user’s page. Just make sure that the specific webhook you are interacting with is meant to be used with the frontend :yum: the vendor will tell you that.

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