Let user choose a number from Dropdown, constraint till a specific number

I have a dropdown that i want the choices to be numbers from1 till 40, i dont want to use the Static Choice option, because it will not be a “Number” type, and also because i want to use this in multiple place

But using the Dynamic Choices and creating a new Type and entering a new thing for each number till 40 also doesnt makes sense, is there a better way?

I see there is a “Number” option in the “Type of Choices” property when choosing “Dynamic Choices”, but what do i write in the “Choices Source”? and how do i tell it to show only choices till number 40?


Instal the Toolbox plugin, and the List of Numbers element.

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Will this apply if I want to use dynamic choices up to the number of things in a list of things?

I.e. If I have a photo gallery with 20 images, can I make it show choices 1 through 20?

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