Statically constrain Dynamic Choices

Is there any way to select or deselect the choices i want visible in a Dynamic Choices Dropdown element?

The choices i want visible is not based on a dynamic constrain condition, and i still want the list to come from a Type, not static, because i use that list in other dropdowns too

What I would do is create a new Field on the Thing that you want to populate your choices. This Field can be called “Dynamic Choice?” or something like that and should be a “yes/no” type of field. Then, when creating the “Do a Search For” in order to choose what populates the dynamic choices dropdown, add a constraint so that only entries of that type where “Dynamic Choice?” = “yes” shows up in the choices. Then you can control what shows up in the dropdown by altering this field either through workflows (if you want users to be able to do it) or through the data panel in the application editor.

Let me know if that makes sense!

yup! brilliant