Dynamic dropdown with auto-populated numeric range?

The use case I am aiming is:

  1. Restaurants register number of tables in an input, say 35 (table).
  2. I store the data in the numeric range type, say 1-35.
  3. When a guest is asked to select a table from a dropdown, I want to populate 1-35 dynamically, depending on the max value of the range.
    and I am stuck there.
    Can anyone help?


Hi there, @yj.johnrhee… one way to do what you described is to use the List of Numbers element from the Toolbox plugin to generate the list of tables starting at 1 and going to the restaurant’s max number of tables. This post should help, and I made a quick example if you need screenshots that apply to your specific use case.

Hope this helps.


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Hey @mikeloc again. Thanks for your help as always. I will read it through and get back if I still had problems.


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I’ve managed to implement it. Thank you @mikeloc. Have a great day.

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I see you’ve solved your issue, so just to suggest that a range-slider may be a useful alternative to a dropdown.

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