Let users input their email signature

Hi all, currently I send emails as HTML, our users have been able to input their full HTML signature into the app and we use that as below:

But I’d like a way for the user to just be able to copy and paste their signature as plaintext as bigger companies don’t always have easy access to their HTML signature.

I’ve tried with a RTE element but I loose the formatting?

Any ideas, image below is where I’m at, it’s close but messing up the formatting of the signature a bit.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You would really need an RTE that can switch between visual and code and have the users paste it into the code mode. I’m not sure if Bubble offers one of these because I haven’t used any.

Did you consider just using a text input field and styling it? You could then create a workflow that creates a temporary thing (unless you want to permanently store it) to format it.