Let users send email through Bubble app

Hi guys,

I’d like to build a feature where my users can send emails to other users through the Sendgrid API.

I didn’t find much info about it online.

Basically, what I want to do is allow users to write an article and send it to their contacts.

Is that even possible? If yes, how?

To be quite frank, it would be easier for you to just send it via your domain.

Not sure how Sendgrid does it, but for Postmark, you can add the user’s email as a sender signature where you can send emails on behalf of them.

Hi jhonny. Postmark is not allowing public domains anymore. So in order to use this solution I would need my users to buy a domain for themselves and set up an email provider which I think it is not a good solution… I am also trying to work around this. Do you have another idea?

The typical way to handle this is to:

  1. Require the sender to have their own domain.
  2. Make them configure SPF, DKIM, and/or DMARC that allows your system to deliver emails on their behalf.
  3. Email Service Providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft will look at these fields to make sure it’s a valid email sent from a valid sender.

This is how most companies do this.

Can I connect with the Gmail…?

I send from a no-reply@mydomain email address and add senders name and senders reply to email via postmark, this works for my users who have public domains. Is this a solution?

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Thanks again for helping, Lisa! Sure, this is a nice solution: easy to configure and seems very solid. I think I will try this since customers are already used with no-replys anyway.

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