How to send emails from users’ domains?

How to send emails from users email addresses, and not from your domain?

Hi there @makul2007,

What email API provider are you currently using? I use Postmark and am able to do easier via their APIs.

Not really. For Postmark, you can add them as a from user and it’ll ask the user to confirm or add a domain and send from their domain.

+1 can confirm this has been done successfully on postmark


You can add your customer’s domains on Postmark, you just need to setup an interface for it. In Postmark you can add a domain via an API call, display and check if the customer’s DKIM is setup, check if the return path is setup, and check if SPF is setup.

With all of that, you can send successfully at scale for customers using Postmark.

This is similar to how Help Scout does it along with many other companies.

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You could 100% do a setup on the front end of your app like how any other SaaS app does it. It would require little to no work on your end.

Very easy in Postmark with a single address. They just have to reply to an email from Postmark.

Have automated this as well (total Bubble white label product including domain hiding etc … which was the hard bit).

Sending from any address on a domain is nasty but doable. Would not do it at scale.

The best alternative is to hook into their Mail system via an API and get them to send it. But again, pretty techy.


As a little aside …

In the very early days of Bubble (pre-sendgrid) there was a discussion about allowing anyone to send any mail from a connected domain from the Bubble mail servers.

This was “not a good thing” as a single spammer would bring down everybody.

Fast forward to the incident with Cloudflare and the single “Phishing” site the caught us all…

Giving away the keys to your email can destroy your sending reputation forever. Be careful !


Yeah, I mean that’s probably by the sending reputation is bad with the domain…

We were all doing exactly that a few years ago. It was so much easier :slight_smile:

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@NigelG & @johnny Do you guys know if it is possible to achieve this setup of easily sending e-mails from the user’s domain with SendinBlue?

Hey @NetoCamarano,

You may need to look into Sendinblue’s API (I’m not too familiar with it) and see if they have options to add additional domains via API.

I’ve only tried it with Postmark before.

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