Sending emails on users behalf - Postmark

Hey - I want to set up the ability for my users to send emails via the app using their own email address.

I’ve come across this article, How do I send email on behalf of my customers? | Postmark Support Center, but am now looking for a tutorial on how to set it up in bubble.

I’m not very experienced in the API connector, so any guidance would be greatly appreciated!!

Found the answer, was way more simple than I expected ha ha! Thanks for reading :wink:


Hi Lisa, we have a public tutorial for sending templated emails from Bubble through Postmark. You can watch here: How to send emails with Postmark and Bubble using templates | Bubble Tutorials

The video shows how to use the Postmark API to send emails.

We don’t have a video on how to send emails and authenticate from another email address but this can be accomplished with the Postmark API and I can point you in the right direction.

You will either need to Create a Sender Signature (suitable for authenticating from one particular address): Sender signatures API | Postmark Developer Documentation

Or you will need to authenticate a whole domain name to send from any address on that domain or subdomain Domains API | Postmark Developer Documentation

The video linked above should still be useful as it shows how to use the Bubble API Connector with Postmark.

Finally read carefully the Postmark documentation for which type of authentication Postmark are looking for in your API requests: Account token or Server token.

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Just posted a reply about this answering another thread: Saas: Sending Emails from Client's Domain - #6 by johnnylin629

Hi Lisa. I am having trouble doing this too. Can you share the solution you found? Thanks!

Postmark will allow you to send an email from an email address (rather than a domain) just from an authorisation link to that email address.

That way your client doesn’t need to do all the DNS stuff.

It should be possible to automate this.

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I used the rich text postmark plugin by @vini_brito. It’s excellent. You can just put send from and/or reply to users email address . So easy to setup.
Apparently an update planned too to track message ID which means read receipts can be tracked too!

Thanks for the reply Lisa! I will check this up now.

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Hey fellow bubblers, I just released an update that allows you to get the Message ID from the workflow actions.
Single email returns a single text and batch email returns a list of texts.

Get them with the “Result of step X” mechanism!
It is optional to use that feature, useful for advanced logging.

You can track news on the plugin tab itself (when the plugin says “upgrade available”) and also this dedicated thread here, check it out :blush:: Richer Postmark emails plugin :email: [Update of 16 march 2021]

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