Level Upgrade System

i wanna add a feature which allows the user to upgrade 1 level after gaining a certain amount of popularity… and when they are at the highest level they will get paid by the application … can i add this kinda feature with bubble ? ill be grateful to you if you can help me with this …

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Hey there, this is certainly achievable through Bubble! You might want to set a field on the User data type that indicates what level the user is. For a simple example, you could set field “Level” type number and field “Subscribers” type list of Users to a User:

Then, you could tailor certain workflows to make a change to this user’s level based on the number of subscribers they have. In this example, I’ve used a conditional workflow that would level up the user when they hit 10 subscribers:

Then, for a payout workflow using the Bubble Stripe integration (most common way to handle
payment on Bubble) that would only apply to Users above a certain level, you could set simple conditions on that workflow like this:

Ohh my god …you just saved my life … thank you ,thank you so very much … im really am very greatfull to you ‘’

Does anyone know how to do this somehow if you want to have hundreds of levels?