Like/Add Button

Hello all.

First of all, I’m a week into Bubble and I’m amazed. What a great tool for a non-technical founder like me!

I’m working on a simple app allowing people to design a custom item, save it, and view it and track which items they’ve tried. My app is designed to be mobile so the ui is confined to the index and “page changes” are happening by showing/hiding groups. I’d like to implement a system where on each item’s view page is a check icon indicating if the user has tried this item. The user model has a “tried” field, which is a list of items. My icon is conditionally formatted to be grey when the user’s “tried” field doesn’t contain the group’s item, and green when it does. The icon workflow has two actions, one which adds the item to the field if the field doesn’t contain it, the second removes it if the list does contain it.

I cannot get this to work. The db isn’t being updated. Could it be the facebook login process? It doesn’t seem to be creating a user db entry though it’s otherwise working as expected.

Am I taking the wrong approach?