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Can't add text to a list of things

Forgive me, some forum subjects touch on this but I’m still confused.

I want to have a button which I type in a name, and upon clicking “add” it adds that name into a list of texts.

In my DB I have a type “Users” which in it has a “Friends” which is a list of texts. Ultimately the idea is that when they are looking at the profile of someone they can click “add” and it will add the username of that person to their “Friends” list. For the life of me, I cant get this to work in the workflow when I do make changes to a list, and its driving me crazy.

When Add is clicked > Make a change to current user > Friends add Current Page User’s username

(assuming your profile page is set to a User type and you send User data to it to create the profile experience)

I also recommend an alternative way to storing a list of Friends though. Instead of this field being a list of text, make it a list of Users, so that you can add the entire User record to the list and have access to all of the Friend’s (User’s) fields, including username.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

Thanks Gaby! I will try it out. I’m brand spanking new to bubble so I’m sure some of what I’m asking is probably very straight forward.

All good! This was a great question and posting it here allows others to learn as well.

I recommend doing the intro lessons at and exploring the forum posts to keep learning. Chances are someone has already answered your questions in other posts or people in the future will look for yours :slight_smile:

Welcome to Bubble!