Like button delay

So I have heart images inside a repeating group that shows/hides depending on wether user is found in the “users that liked database”
when the image is clicked, it adds/removes the user’s username based on if they already in or not in the database.
The like button works just fine but there is 1-2 second delay which basically makes the whole system trash, how do I get rid of this delay? I don’t see how can I achieve it with conditional states since it requires a database change + is in repeating groups cells.

Lists take longer to process in Bubble. On top of that, you’re probably running one of two workflows based on a condition that determines if the list contains the user or not—which takes some processing power/time.

You’ll need to change up your flow/architecture if the lag is a big issue, I believe, unfortunately.

I would recommend using states for design things.


Have a yes/no state. Get info if liked set state yes as well as when clicking on the like button → set state !yes/no (false yes no to change between those two states.

States work immediately so you do the database change thing more in the background and everything what a user sees, like changing colors or other little things via states.

thanks for suggestion, i managed to make it quicker by removing some extra parameters I had but i’ll try this out.

heyo! I’m back trying to get rid of this like button delay once again. I understand states would be the best way to go, but I’m a bit confused on how I can “get the info” from my database and then send that to the state to initially see if a user has liked/disliked something. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thankyou.

for reference, here is my workflow for adding a like, it works fine as a like button counter, but there is always 1-2 second delay when pressing where the data is being changed. How can I achieve something like twitter or instagram, where the like is instant?

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