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Limit Full List Length to X Entries and Load More?

Is there a way to limit the number of items that load in a full list to 10 items, and then load the next 10 when the user scrolls to the bottom of the list?

Thanks in advance.

That happens automatically in infinite scroll mode. Just design your repeating group with 10 cells and when the user will scroll it’ll load more. We don’t preload 10 entries in advance (not sure I see the use case though).

Infinite scroll is great in some cases, but for a social wall it doesn’t flow very well. Because the page has its own scroll it doesn’t allow for a smooth user experience. First the bottom of the page must be reached, then the user must mouse over the repeating group to scroll further, as opposed to a fb/twitter feed which is almost like a full list, loading more posts when the end of the list is reached.

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I have the same situation. I would like to use an infinite scroll, but I don’t think the UX is quite there just yet. I’d prefer to the have the scroll bar at the edge of the window as opposed to just the edge of the scroll element.

That’s a different element/layout. It’s on our list, but no immediate plan there yet.

Okay. I look forward to it. Thanks.