Repeating group Data Loading

I have a question regarding repeating groups. Is it possible to force the repeating to load all content at once instead of waiting until a user scrolls?

Reasoning: I have dynamic fields that calculate using repeating group data. However, not all the values are accounted for until the user scrolls.

Does anyone have a solution for this issue?

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Once I’m in front of my computer I can answer this

(Assuming you know about “Full List” but it’s not quite what you are looking for”

Can you tell me about full list @Vin ? I may not know about that one.

If I’m not mistaken, just setting the repeating group to “full list” should show everything I believe.

It displays everything given in the list. so if you search for the data you’re pulling, it should give you everything.

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So you basically have two options…

You can use ‘Full List’. This will load everything in that list. BUTTT, it might now be your best option because full list doesnt allow you to control the height of that element.
(Screen shot below)

Now what i do to avoid this issue is this:
I use two repeating groups. One contains the list (Content List) I want the user to see/interact with.set to ‘Full List’
And the other is a Vertical Scroll List. Then I put the Content List inside of that Vertical Scroll list.
Then just like that I’m able to load a full list while still being able to control the height at all times.

Vertical Scroll List

Content List

PS: Set your Vertical Scroll list to have only 1 cell to make it easier to grasp.
Also make sure you only let the data source for the Vertical Scroll list have one item. Do what i did in my screen shot to ensure this. “Current User :converted to list”

Let me know if this solves your issue.

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Sorry for the late reply @Vin! I had an API go crazy yesterday and start displaying the wrong data to all my users! :pleading_face:

Now I’m back on this project! Going to take a look at your recommendation now.

The problem I found is that It locks the scroll and doesn’t show all the rows. In some cases, I would need to show a few hundred rows. So I was trying to find the balance. I’m going to try @Vin’s recommendation in the next few minutes.

That actually looks like it is going to work very well! I’m curious, did you hide the vertical scroll list so it didn’t crowd the content list?

@josh10 Hide the Vertical Scroll List?

Not sure if i understand 100% what you’re asking…

The Vertical Scroll List’s purpose is to display 1 cell (preferably set the data source to something that is already being loaded so you waste no resources touching the DB for ONE item) Which contains your Content List.

This work around is clever and helpful.
There seems to be another challenge in workflow I encounter using this method. I cannot target the repeating group inside the repeating group for actions such as scroll to entry action. Anyone might have idea is this the current limitation of bubble?