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[Solved] Repeating Group 'Full List' stops at 500 items - Why?


All my apps seem to display only 500 items for Repeating Groups when Layout Style --> ‘Full List’ is selected.

Is there a reason for this? @Emmanel, is this by design or it is it a bug?



No it’s by design. It’d make page display extremely slow (in fact, 500 is already too high, if you hit this that means you’re doing something weird and should be using infinite scrolling).

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Ok - I have lots of reasons to want to include more than 500 without scrolling, but if that’s the design that’s the design.

Good to know, thanks for responding so quickly.

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is the maximum still 500? was there an improvement?

because it could show more than 500 items, for example a list of “Friends” or “Follower”

how can I do in that case?

You should use infinite scroll, it’s never a good idea to load 500 entries at once (facebook, twitter don’t do that).

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Great, thank you!