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Limit in the repeating group

I’m trying to build an repeating group with fixed 1 row and 1 column where by pressing the button the next item will be shown. I have managed to implement this but I need to set a limit of how many records will be shown when the button is pressed and when the limit is reached another block will become visible. I can’t manage to set a condition in the workflow for the button to check if the number of shown items is more or less than the limit.
Can you please help?

A good way to do this is to create a custom state on the repeating group, and then you can increment this state’s value when the user clicks on next, and check that value in the condition.

See this:

As soon as you’ll have your head around this concept, you’ll see it opens up a ton of possibilities :smile:

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Awesome, Emmanuel, it worked! and it’s indeed opening lots of possibilities. Thanks a ton! :smile:

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Let me bring this back to life…

What if I don’t know the length of my repeated group… it’s basically questions that someone can add too…

I tried the custom state to no avail. I also tried to create a variable which increments each time a question is answered… now i need to change the state of the repeated group when (incremented number > length(questions)) … basically to say ‘yay you finished’

Also, what an amazing job you guys are doing! keep up the good work.