Limit number of records returned

Hi everyone, is it possible to limit search results to X number of records? For example, when I do a search to populate a repeating group. That way I could sort by created date and limit to 10 records to see the most recent 10 records only. It may also speed up the loading of a group. This is similar to the SQL equivalent:

SELECT column_name(s)
FROM table_nam
WHERE condition
LIMIT number


:sort by created date, descending = yes, :items until #10


Amazing thanks @duke.severn. I was searching for keyword “limit” while I should have been searching for “:items”. I thought it was strange no one else had asked this. Thanks a million.

I presume the :items until is being applied to the result of the query, in other words, the query run in the server returns a lot of records, and this just filters them. Right?

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I am looking to accomplish the same thing, however, I don’t see the “:items until” option as described in the thread above. Is this still available in 2023? Is the “:items until” a dynamic field, or a manual one? I am hoping to limit the top 5 results of a much larger table, so any help would be most appreciated!

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I am interested in the same. All the advice on says to limit the results on the server side, but the meaningful filters required to limit the size of the recordset seem to be on the client side, through filters, first items, etc. Might I be missing something?