Limit number of rows of RG and show more when scroll

I’m making an SNS app with a bulletin board feature.
I have a repeating group that shows all posts in my app.
Currently I’m loading all posts but it is getting really heavy as the number of posts is getting bigger.
What I want to do is to show only 10 posts at first and then when the user scrolls to the last post, it shows another 10 posts below(meaning 20posts in total).
Is this possible?

Try setting the RG as vertical scrolling to keep things simple.

For a ‘load more’ button, you will need to use custom states and a workflow. Create a custom state called serial and put the default value as 10. In the RG’s data source, append ‘items until serial’. This will load only 10 results. Then create a workflow on the ‘load more’ button to increase the value of the custom state by +10.