Horizontal RG within a vertical RG

How is it possible?

Unlimited vertical scrolling along with unlimited horizontal scrolling with different items in each cell? And particularly without a scroll bar…in a mobile experience.

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Any suggestions please…

Put an RG in another RG. Not hard. But, often loads very slowly in Bubble.

I have been trying to do that for quite sometime now but with no success, I’ll try again and will inform how it went.
Thanks for the response.

Here’s what I have achieved,

Although the no. of rows defined in vertical RG is 5 but it shows only first 4 rows.

Horizontal RG is scrolling fine, but the entire page is not scrolling vertically (There is a fifth row in the editor, but it is not visible as I can not scroll down to it).

Any suggestions please…

The number of cells in a repeating group (RG for short) is based on the number of values in your database and search query. It’s not dependent upon the number of cells showing in the admin panel (in fact, that’s entirely ignored).

Precisely, I deliberately put in an extra row so that the data is populated more than the number of elements possible on the screen, so in that case it should show a vertical scroll bar, but it doesn’t.

Thanks @sridharan.s, Surprisingly I was able to get a vertical scroll bar by changing the RG layout from Ext. vertical to Vertical but still it did not solve the purpose.

@NigelG I read in one of your posts that repeating groups are your favorite, :blush: kindly help me with this.

If you see in the screenshot above there are several categories of jobs above each horizontal RG (A, B, C etc.), then there are several sub categories (the images) of each category, there are more than 20 categories with sub-categories in each. How do I achieve it?

Ext. Vertical Scrolling only shows as many rows that fit on the page (so 4) - there is no scroll bar. Although the BROWSER scroll bar will show if your content is higher than the page, but that is not the same thing.

The user scrolling the Ext. RG (or indeed changing the browser height) will load the next items in the list.

I might replace the horzontal image scrolling with a Carousel and see how that works,.

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Can’t say if it the correct way or a work around but it worked for me, I altogether omitted Vertical RG, inserted 8 horizontal RGs and changed the height of my page from present 560 to 1500 and it started to scroll vertically.

But I am not very satisfied with the performance as the signup and all other pages are also set to same height and showing a blank white area underneath to the tune of 940 pixels (This being native form have to work in groups on index pg).

Anyways will have to live with it till the time I learn some more bubble. :roll_eyes:

Of course if there is some obvious solution to the new problem then please do let me know.

Thanks for the valuable inputs @sridharan.s and @NigelG.

I think you’re going to have a tough time making it work the way you want if you’re trying to go the mobile app approach. Bubble’s not designed to build mobile apps, so you’ll run into some weird limitations like this in situations that are otherwise commonplace for mobile. I’m always an advocate of using native tools when possible. Connecting your Bubble backend to something like Thunkable, Dropsource, Kinetise, or similar will have a much cleaner user experience.

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A general question relating to RG’s within RG’s as we are on the subject. Is there a way to expose the child repeating group? in the case where you would want to run a workflow and target that child repeating group to ‘DISPLAY LIST’ etc. in all my investigations only top level repeating group’s are available for workflow actions. @andrewgassen valid point regarding mobile apps my question is related to web apps

I don’t believe you can target the child RG with workflows directly. As a workaround, you can turn the child RG into a reusable element (RE) and then trigger workflows from within the RE itself.

You could set a state on the RG, and then set the source of the RG to that state. Target the state.

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