Limit on list of users

Hello, for my app users can look through a pile of users but id like to limit the amount of users they can view to 30 and after a day they can view another 30. If they have a subscription then there’s no limit. At first I had it set to “Do a search for users: items until 30” but then I couldn’t figure out how to reset that to show more users after a day. Does anyone have an idea on how I can make that possible?

you might be able to do this by creating a number type field on the user and go do a search for users: items until “number field on user” by default is 30 and create a recurring workflow to add 30 to this number every day for each user.

This would be pretty demanding on your WU depending on the number of users though so just an idea to consider

Or you could do the number of days from creation x 30 and set that number to be the show items till

Thank you! I’m going to give it a try

Sweet if you need help with this shoot me a message!

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