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Limit who can see what

Hi All,

Wondering if you can help me… In the process of building an OpenTable type app which will allow consumers to book services online. So I am going to need 2 “user types” one is for the consumer who can search availability of the service providers and the second is for the merchants whose calendars are available to see. However the merchants will also be using the system as an online booking management tool so they will be storing customer personal information (such as address etc), is there a way to limit what the consumer can see (ie Free/Busy on the calendar) but the merchant can see all information collected from the database?


Hi Jamie,

It sounds like you want to store a user “type” on the User when you create them.

So you could either have separate login areas, or have a selection of what type of user you want to create.

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Hi Nigel,

Thank you for your comments, so adding a new field in the user database as type?



Yes, that is right. You would add some extra data when you have the workflow to sign them up.

Here I am storing a Club on the user (because each user has a club they are associated with).

You could store a type, hopefully you get the idea.