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Adding limits to free users on productivity app

I’m currently working on a productivity app and trying to figure out limiting free user accounts. I’m new to no code and despite searching here and around the web, haven’t found an answer that works for me.

So what I am trying to do is limit the amount of lists and sublists that a free user can have. Example would be a free user can have 5 lists and 25 sublists, after that they would need to upgrade to a paid plan.

I tried following some other resources i found online and I created a “yes/no” in the user database for “pro user”. I also added a “plan” field with the type plan and created a seperate database for plans. While I have free and paid now, I may add another level in the future so thought this might be a better method?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Hi there, @roland2… if I understand your post correctly, you are going to need some kind of counters along with plan field in order to do something interesting (e.g., show an alert, disable submit buttons, hide input fields, etc.) when a user on the free plan reaches the limits of 5 lists and 25 sub-lists. If it was me, I would consider adding two number fields to the User data type to keep a running count of the number of lists and sub-lists a user has created. With those fields in place, you could easily do whatever it is you want to do when a user’s plan field is set to free and the count of lists and sub-lists in those fields has reached the limit.

There are other ways to go, of course, such as doing searches for things in the lists and sub-lists data types (assuming you have those data types) and counting the number of things created by the current user. That being said, I am never opposed to adding an extra field here and there to have “easy” access to something like a count, and in this case, I would likely go in that direction.

Anyway, I hope what I have written makes sense, and I hope it helps, even if it’s just food for thought.


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That completely makes sense, I like the count method a lot. I’m going to give that a try later tonight! Thank you for the quick help.

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