Limit Repeating Group rows with Ext. Vertical Scrolling?

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I have a simple repeating group that lists most major countries (about 253). I have an input box (for searching) on top linked up with Search & Autocorrect to filter the names. It all works fine. Those are both nested in a Group container.

GOAL: I want the Repeating Group to only show 8 rows at once. BUT, as the list gets reduced based on the activity of the search input, I want the overall group to shrink to fit.

PROBLEM: When using Extended Vertical Scroll, the ENTIRE list of 253 countries is displayed vertically with any scrolling bar. However, when the list is filtered the overall group height does shrink as desired (see image).

When using Vertical Scrolling as the RG’s scrolling attribute, the vertical is indeed limited to 8 rows, BUT the group height does NOT shrink when the list displays less than 8 rows. Instead it continues to occupy the same vertical space.

How can I basically tell the Ext. Vertical Scrolling attribute to only display 8 rows, so that when the list falls below 8 rows it collapses like I see happening in the image?

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Any thoughts on this? Again, I need this RG to collapse like shown when I reduce the list, but the RG should not have more than 8 rows. Ext. Vertical Scrolling makes the list collapse fine, but shows everything (253 rows). Regular scrolling limits it to 8 rows, but doesn’t collapse the group height when the rows are less than 8. It’s like a Catch-22.

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@underhill.dan you can use “:item until #8” …the repeating group box will shrink accordingly.

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Thanks for the reply.

When I use that parameter it does indeed limit the overall list to 8 rows, but it doesn’t let me scroll for further items beyond Antarctica (using Ext. Vertical Scrolling). The overall list contains 253 countries each on it’s own row.

Filtering the list does collapse it, but now also expands the list to contain anything that fits the filtering criteria. Basically I need the RG to stay fixed to 8 rows. If the filter produces 12 items, then only 8 should show, along with the ability to scroll down to see the other 4.

Upon further experimenting, I decided that the scrolling ability is not a necessity for such a potentially long list. I’ve attached the logic here to get the list, which is fixed at 8 rows and then to have the filtered results sorted alphabetically.

The user shouldn’t have to scroll at all to find their country of choice. They can just type in the first few letters and the alphabetical matches will populate (up to 8). If they type a 3rd or 4th letter they will undoubtedly find their result. No scrolling necessary. If there are less than 8 matches then the group collapses as expected.

I have a condition also set that resets the list if the Search Input is empty by changing the source of the list.


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