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Repeating group doesn't shrink height after goes to the next page

Hello! I’m having an issue with shrinking the vertical height of repeating group that includes another repeating group after goes to the next page of RG.
My app is a quiz. Quiz contains 2 types of Questions (Multichoise and Task with input data). The RepeatingGroup Question has 1 column and 1 row (the app shows 1 question per page).

Every Multichoise question has from 4 till 6 answers but every Task question can have from 3 till 20 answers. I put answers into RG Answers. There are 2 RG of Answers (Multichoise and Task) in the RepeatingGroup Question. I added conditional to a visible these RG. It depends on type of Question.

When RG Answers Task has a more than 5 answers the height on RG Answers Task and RG Questions enlarges. But after goes to the next page of RG Question which has RG AnswersChoise the height of the RG Question doesn’t shrink. The RG Question has longer height until page which has next RG Answers Task.

Try making the RG 20 rows and then select “Ext Vertical Scroll” instead of full list. See if that works.

I cann’t make RG Answers 20 rows because standard height of RG Answers shouldn’t be more 220 px. If I make RG Answers with 20 rows then the RG Answers rows become narrow

I meant by also expanding the height of your RG.

4 buttons (Cancel, Next, Save, Finish) are under the RG. If I expand height of the RG these buttons slide far down. It will be not usability for a testee.

Ok, not entirely sure what you can do then. Sorry about that.

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