How to make repeating group's height collapse? [SOLVED]

Let’s say I have a repeating group that shows events from DB happening this week. Some weeks, there are 1 or 2, or maybe even none. Some weeks there are 8 or 9.

How can I make the repeating group’s height resize based on the number of cells that return? Otherwise, I have a large empty space between the repeating group and the content below it when the full number of cells is not returned.

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I think you can use Ext vertical scroll as the type of repeating group. I’m not 100% on that, but I think that’s what I used


Yes. thats the one

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Giving it a try this evening

You can also insert a group inside each rg cell. Place the content of the cell inside the group. Then hide the group of any cell with empty content, enabling the ‘collapse group when hidden’ option.

This method will resize the repeating group as needed, because using ext vertical scrolling will work, but it’s then a static height.

What you use depends on your application, but this is an alternative.


I followed your idea

The empty repeating cells no longer appear, but I’m still left with a huge blank space.

Here’s how I configured things:

Are there any particular hiccups that you can see from here in terms of following your directions?

Make the repeating group 1 row high and bring what’s underneath up. You may need to use ‘full list’ now because ext viewing will sometimes not load new rows if you can’t scroll down far enough.

You can also use more than one rg if you want to use both ‘full list’ and ‘ext viewing’. If you have many events one week, you can use a ext viewing rg. Fewer than five, for example, you can use the full list one. You’d have to first create a parent group that loads the schedule. Inside you would have two groups that will contain the two repeating groups, one in full list and the other in ext viewing. Depending on the number of events this week, you then unhide one group or the other. It seems like a lot of work, but because you can’t switch between ext view and full list in a workflow, using both depending on the number of events will allow this. But then you can take advantage of both list types while not having long gaps underneath.


Made the change and will play around with the display tomorrow. So far it looks good, but I’ll need to throw on some demo data to see how things hold up

I’ve just edited my previous reply.

This worked. Thanks for your advice!